OpenCDMS is not yet ready for production use. The instructions below give details on how to install a demo version of the software locally using docker containers.


  • git

  • docker

  • python 3

OpenCDMS database and API#

git clone
cd opencdms/install

# If required, build the containers from scratch
docker compose build --no-cache database api

# start the database and api containers
docker compose up database api --detach

The OpenCDMS API is now accessible locally at http://localhost:5000. Furthermore, you can connect to the Postgress database using the details in install/default.env.

Build database#

# Build database from api container
docker exec -it opencdms-api bash

git clone /local/opencdms-test-data --depth 1

cd /local/app/opencdms/install

Install OpenCDMS App#

git clone
docker compose up app --detach

OpenCDMS App is now accessible locally at http://localhost:8000. The app will connect to the local API instance that was installed at http://localhost:5000.